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Cleaning out closet...for sale!

Selling.....1 Gothic Lolita Costume, and 1 Corset. Both are in mint condition! I am cleaning out my closet, and would like to find these items a home.

The Gothic Lolita costume has been worn only a few times for photo shoots. I am asking $60 + shipping - ORRRRRRR make me an offer! The dress is a size medium, made in Japan. Pic below is me in the dress. Headband was made seperate, and is now lost :(


The grey corset is of high quality construction with plastic boning (not suitable for serious waist training) - this corset is made by Pink Lable Corsets and runs $99+. I wore this piece once...it fits a medium, to a large with lacing in the front and back. I am asking $70 + shipping... ORRRR MAKE AN OFFER! http://www.pinklabelcorsets.com/catalog.php?category=11 pink lable site, with this corset for sale for $99+

I live in the USA, in Ohio. Shipping within the US should not be expensive. I only accept paypal or US moneyorders from major companies. Please contact me here on livejournal if you are interested via a private inbox message.
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