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Last days for $500 gift certificate contest!

Hi everyone,
Austin local Rene' Geneva Design, located off of W. Elizabeth Street is an eco-friendly clothing design company (who specializes in corsetry and other fine lady stuff). We work exclusively with eco-friendly textiles, are currently the only design house to offer carbon neutral garments, and even use a bio-diesel company car! We are trying the dollar efforts this year to help raise funds to continue working with our Fair Trade efforts oversea's and domestically (we have just brought in a new domestic project!). As many of you may have heard, Hurricane Felix devastated Central America, and directly hit a project that we work with down there in Puerto Cabezas. I work with all of our fair trades out of my paycheck (we are not a non-profit) as far as our "charity" is concerned, and because of this, it has left business quite tight in trying to sort out our in-between season finances. So, we are offering a $500 gift certificate, just in time for Xmas, in a fundraising raffle, for $1.33 a 'ticket'.
Thank you so much for your support!!

best wishes,
rene´ geneva, http://renegenevadesign.com

Rene´ Geneva Design
877.34.Dress, 512.448.0690, cell 512.762.2918

http://mycorset.com Urban chic fashion rags for the body and soul, exclusively eco-friendly and fair trade.
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